Don't give the taxman any extra!

We specialize in tax returns for expats.

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Why us?

At its 2017 conference, the industry association EXPERTSuisse honored our company as the Best Practice Case. Our innovative structure allows us to provide top quality services on beneficial terms:

  • Team of experts with years of experience
  • Broad knowledge in tax, finance, accounting, and fiduciary topics
  • Specialization in expats and foreigners living in Switzerland
  • We provide long-term optimization of your taxes
  • Fixed-price proposal
  • Attractive hourly rates
  • Our services are for all German-speaking cantons
  • We speak: English, German, Russian, Swiss German


  • Free quote: We review your documents first, and make you a fixed-price proposal (based on our cost estimate).
  • Our hourly rate is CHF 80*. Comparable providers use significantly higher rates.
    (for more details see «Procedure»)

Caution: In the market for tax returns, there are many bargain offers at very low prices or with “free consultation”. With these providers, your taxes are usually irrelevant. Instead, the objective is to palm you off on to various insurances (health insurance, life insurance, pillar 3a, etc.).


Example: Single Person

Initial situation:

  • 38-year-old Briton, working at Novartis in Basel
  • 1 salary certificate (withholding tax/tax at source)
  • Only flat-rate tax deductions
  • Bank accounts

Final price: CHF 120

Example: Family

Initial situation:

  • German couple, working at UBS and Roche in Zurich
  • 1 child, 2 salary certificates (withholding tax/tax at source)
  • Detailed tax deductions
  • Bank accounts & securities
  • Securities income
  • 1 vehicle

Final price: CHF 220

Example: Extensive Constellation

Initial situation:

  • Polish couple, one spouse works at Accenture in Zurich
  • 2 children, 1 salary certificate (withholding tax/tax at source)
  • Detailed tax deductions
  • Bank accounts & securities incl. employee shares
  • Securities income
  • Owning a property abroad
  • Rental income
  • Mortgage abroad
  • 2 vehicles

Final price: CHF 390

* – All prices excl. Swiss VAT

Our 30-page free tax book for download.
Many practical examples and hints for your private Swiss tax declaration (German).

Download Tax Book

Additional services


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    Fill out the short form below. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any advice over the phone prior to this step.
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    You will receive an e-mail from us with a checklist regarding the required documents and login details for your new personal account on our cloud. You upload the tax-related documents onto the cloud. Your data will be kept strictly confidential, and will be stored on a Swiss server.
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    We check your documents and send you an e-mail containing our non-binding proposal with a guaranteed fixed price. At the same time, you receive a corresponding non-binding invoice.
  • null
    After you accept our proposal and make the payment, we start working. We contact you in case of any questions, obscurities or missing documents.
    In case we do not receive your payment within two months, we consider the proposal to be rejected, and delete your cloud profile and the uploaded documents. The invoice will be cancelled as well.
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    You receive your completed tax return by e-mail. You sign it and submit it to the tax office.

How to avoid double taxation in case of dividends (German).

Read more

Send us a free non-binding inquiry

Please fill in the formular so we contact you as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we will not be able to advise you by a telephone call beforehand.


Tax Declaration For Individuals

« offers a really good price-value ratio for me and my clients.»

Dr. iur. Christian Gübeli
CEO, Attorney-at-law
SGA Swiss Advisory AG, Bäch

Unkompliziert, schnell, kompetent und freundlich; besser geht nicht. Wir können uns voll auf unser Kerngeschäft konzentrieren. So soll es sein!
Peter Pattis
Peter Pattis
Peter Pattis, Domat/Ems
Great place to have your taxes done. Swift, kind and very responsive.
Peter Pattis
Piotr Majdan, Zürich
Very quick, responsive and helpful!
Peter Pattis
Graham Campbell, Opfikon
Gutes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis, zeitnahe Erledigung der Steuererklärung. Auf Rückfragen wurde kompetent eingegangen.
Peter Pattis
Franziska Beck, Obfelden
Sehr einfach zu bedienen. Kompetente Mitarbeiter und sehr rasche Erledigung. Bestes Erlebnis.
Peter Pattis
Ahmad F. Ahmad, Köniz
Excellent service, highly recommendable!
Peter Pattis
Nikola Sobat, Zürich
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1. Do you actually offer a fixed price for a tax return? Usually, it is charged based on the time spent.

Yes, we actually offer a fixed price for tax declarations. Due to years of experience, and after careful study of the documents received, we can normally estimate the required time for filing your tax return properly, and can therefore make you a fair fixed-price proposal.

You receive transparency, security and a high-quality service from us.

2. How should I understand the three price examples (further up on the website)?

The prices listed above are examples that show what the filing of a tax return by us can cost, depending on income, assets and family circumstances.

The actual costs depend on your specific situation. The actual costs can be found in our proposal.

3. Are you specialized only in expats?

We specialize in all foreigners living in Switzerland. Most of our clients have residence permit B (so, they are taxed at source/pay the withholding tax).

But of course, we also gladly support all other taxpayers, who seek assistance in preparing their tax return.

4. I do not know if I have to file the tax declaration in Switzerland. Can you help me?

Yes, you are right to choose our company. We can gladly carry out necessary clarifications for you. However, we would like to point out that this clarification is for a fee, and that unfortunately, we cannot do it as a complimentary service.

Just fill out the short form above, and leave us a comment or your question. One of our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

5. Is the delivery of documents by post possible?

Unfortunately, the receipt of documents in physical form is not possible. We rely on a completely digitalized concept. That is one of the reasons that we can offer you a quality service at an attractive hourly rate of CHF 80.

6. Is a personal meeting possible?

Our concept does not provide for personal meetings. From our experience, they are not necessary. This is primarily for the reason that we want to offer you a quality service at an attractive hourly rate.

In the case of complicated tax situations, which require support and advice, a personal meeting in Zurich can be arranged. However, this not a part of the fixed-price proposal and it will be charged separately for the effective time spent, at the hourly rate of CHF 250 excl. Swiss VAT.

7. How long does it take to file a tax return?

The processing time depends directly on the current capacity of our tax experts. It usually takes from 10 to 14 working days – from receipt of payment until your tax return is ready to be sent to the tax authorities.

8. Do you submit my tax return or do I have to do that myself?

As soon as your tax return is ready, you will receive it as a PDF file by e-mail. On request, the original file (tax declaration software) can also be transmitted to you.

Subsequently, you will also receive detailed instructions for transmission of your tax return to the tax authorities.

9. Will my data be deleted after my tax return is ready?

Yes, after completing your tax return, we delete all your data. Only the original file (tax declaration software) remains with us. This serves to facilitate a much more efficient and thus more favorable preparation of your tax return the following year.